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Danfoss Z-Wave radiator thermostat
Danfoss living connect® Z is an electronic radiator thermostat, intended for using with water based room radiators. It can be controlled by a Z-Wave certified controller.

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Danfoss living connect® Z is an electronic radiator thermostat for residential use with a Z-Wave system. Living connect® Z-Wave termostat is easy to install and is supplied with adapters for all thermostatic valves manufactured by Danfoss and most other radiator valve manufacturers. Living connect® Z is battery powered, compact and very easy to operate with only three buttons on the front and wireless connection With any compatible Z-Wave terminal.

Measuring the room temperature

Living connect® Z is measuring the temperature with two built-in sensors - a room sensor behind the display and a supply sensor near the valve. Based on both readings the room temperature is calculated for an area approx. 20 cm in front of the display. This allows living connect® Z to control the actual room temperature very accurately. Note! The displayed temperature is always the set temperature, not the actual room temperature.

Open-window function

Living connect® Z features an Open-window function, which closes the valve if the room temperature is falling dramatically, thus reducing the heat loss. The heat is turned off for up to 30 minutes, before living connect® Z returns to its original settings. When Open-window has been activated, the function is quarantined for 45 minutes.

Automatic valve exercising

To keep the radiator valve functional and at its best, living connect® Z automatically exercises the valve every Thursday at approx. 11:00 hrs by opening it fully and then return to normal setting.

Adjusting to the valve

During the first night of operation living connect® Z will shut off the radiator heat and then open again to detect the exact opening point of the valve. This will allow living connect® Z to control the heat as efficiently as possible. If necessary, the procedure is repeated once a night for up to a week. You might experience the valve being warm during the adjustment procedure, regardless of the room temperature.

Intelligent Control (Forecast)

During the first week of operation living connect® Z learns when it is necessary to start heating the room in order to reach the correct temperature  at the correct time. The intelligent control will continuously adjust the heating time compared to seasonal temperature changes.

Child lock

Activating the child lock feature will protect the settings from tampering.

Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V alkaline AA batteries (Battery life 2 years)
Electricity consumption: 3 μW in standby, 1.2 W when active
Radio frequency: 868.42 MHz
Working protocol: Z-Wave
Range outdoors/indoors: 50/30
EU standards compliance: EN 60730-1, EN 60730-2-9, EN 60730-2-14.
Inputs: 3
Outputs: LCD
Operational Temperature: 0° - 40°C
Dimensions (LxWxH): L: 91 Ø: 51 (RA)
Warranty (months): 12

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