Fibaro modules

Each Fibaro System module is only 42.5 mm long, 37.0 mm wide and 15.9 mm high, which makes them the world's smallest devices of this type. Some other advantages of

LED power supplies

We offer Italian company TCI lighting control equipment for smart and economical indoor lighting. The products are designed for high quality power supply

LED COB downlights

The new generation LED COB (chip-on-board) lamps. More brightness, better durability and energy efficiency. COB LED efficiency maximizes

Naujas Z-Wave valdiklis

Paprasta įdiegti ir paprasta naudoti, Zipato yra ekonomiškai racionali ir daugiafunkcinė sistema Jūsų namų saugumui ir komfortui
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Fibaro relay switch 2x1,5kW

The radio controlled Fibaro Double On/Off Relay Switch is designed to be installed in standard wall switch boxes, or anywhere else where it is necessary to operate two independent devices of 1,5kW power output each.

59.99 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: FGS-221

Fibaro roller shutter

Radio controlled module, designed to work with electric motors in blinds, rollers, canopies. Fibaro Blind/Roller Shutter can control the connected device either through radio waves or through the wall switch, connected directly to it.

59.99 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: FGR211

Fibaro relay switch 1x3kW

Remotely Controlled Relay Switch of Fibaro System is designed to operate in a wall switch box or in locations where the control of an electric device (up to 3kW) is needed. It is also possible to send a signal to any system that is to be integrated with Fibaro system.

59.99 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: FGS-211

Fibaro wall plug

Wall Plug with power metering feature is an intelligent, extremely compact, remotely controlled outlet adapter. This highly functional wall plug can be applied wherever you want to control electrical devices, while monitoring power consumption in a convenient and maintenance-free way.
Z-Wave/Power metering/Outlet control

64.99 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: FGWPE-101

Fibaro universal binary sensor

The Universal Binary Sensor is a wireless module designed for increasing any binary output sensor’s functionality by adding possibility of wireless communication with Z-Wave network. Sensor supports up to two binary sensors of any type and four DS18B20 temperature sensors.
Z-Wave/2 + 1 (1-wire)

39.99 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: FGBS-001

Fibaro universal dimmer

Radio controlled light dimming module, designed to work with light sources of any type. May be connected to two-wire or three-wire electric installation. Automatically senses connected device, features automatic overload protection switch-off and soft start function.

59.99 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: FGD211

Fibaro door window sensor

The Door/window sensor is a battery powered reed sensor. It's operation under the z-wave standard guarantees compatibility with all Z-Wave system controllers. Sensor module also works with the DS18B20 temperature sensor.
Z-Wave/Temperature/Binary input

49.99 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: FGK-101

Fibaro Home Center 2

Home Center 2 is a brain of any Z-Wave based home automation system. Significantly improved user safety thanks to Fibaro's proprietary approach to data protection.
Z-Wave/Atom 1,6Ghz/1GB RAM

599.00 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: HC2

Fibaro bypass for dimmer

Bypass Fibaro is a device complementary to Fibaro Dimmer FGD211. Its installation enables the Dimmer to dim light sources with minimum power consumption, such as e.g. single 0,5Watt LED.

11.99 €
8.99 € (including 21 % tax)  
You Save: 25.00%

Nom.Nr: FGB-001

Fibaro flood sensor

Fibaro Flood Sensor is a universal, Z-Wave compatible, flood and temperature sensor. Build in flood, temperature and tilt sensor, tamper, external inputs and alarm functions.

59.99 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: FGFS-101

Fibaro RGBW Controller

Universal Z-Wave compatible RGB / RGBW controller. Fibaro RGBW Controller uses PWM output signal, which enables it to control LED, RGB, RGBW strips, halogen lights and fans.

59.99 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: FGRGBWM-441

Danfoss Z-Wave radiator thermostat

Danfoss living connect® Z is an electronic radiator thermostat, intended for using with water based room radiators. It can be controlled by a Z-Wave certified controller.

56.63 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: 014G0012

Home Center Lite

HC Lite is a tiny device with huge potential. Incredibly quick and effective, yet inexpensive. Control your home from anywhere in the World using a mobile phone or tablet.

Z-Wave/ARM Cortex A8 720MHz/128MB RAM

279.00 € (including 21 % tax)  


Roller Shutter 2

Controls electric motors of roller blinds, venetian blinds, garage doors and such. Features an ultra precise positioning, and power metering functions.


59.99 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: FGRM-222

Smoke Sensor

Smoke Sensor with built in temperature sensor. Enhanced home safety thanks to built in temperature sensor, allowing for detecting fire through rapid temperature change.


64.99 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: FIBEFGSD-002

Motion sensor

This tiny device, apart from detecting movement, measures the current ambient temperature, intensity of light and vibrations thanks to its built-in accelerometer.


58.00 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: FGMS-001

Zipato Zipabox main unit

Next-generation Z-wave automation controler, sleek and modular design.
Z-Wave/Athernet/Extension ports

240.79 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: zbzweugv1

Zipato Zipabox backup module

Provides whole system with up to 24h power autonomy and ensures plug and play 3G backup
RS232/USB /Battery

119.79 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: zbmbackupv5

Zipato Zipabox zigbee module

Allows Zigbee devices to be joined into the Zipato network.

71.39 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: zbmzigbeev1

Zipato Zipabox KNX module

Allows KNX devices to be joined into Zipato network.

156.09 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: zbmknxv1

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