Fibaro modules

Each Fibaro System module is only 42.5 mm long, 37.0 mm wide and 15.9 mm high, which makes them the world's smallest devices of this type. Some other advantages of

LED power supplies

We offer Italian company TCI lighting control equipment for smart and economical indoor lighting. The products are designed for high quality power supply

LED COB downlights

The new generation LED COB (chip-on-board) lamps. More brightness, better durability and energy efficiency. COB LED efficiency maximizes

Naujas Z-Wave valdiklis

Paprasta įdiegti ir paprasta naudoti, Zipato yra ekonomiškai racionali ir daugiafunkcinė sistema Jūsų namų saugumui ir komfortui

Extension modules

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Zipato Zipabox backup module

Provides whole system with up to 24h power autonomy and ensures plug and play 3G backup
RS232/USB /Battery

119.79 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: zbmbackupv5

Zipato Zipabox zigbee module

Allows Zigbee devices to be joined into the Zipato network.

71.39 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: zbmzigbeev1

Zipato Zipabox KNX module

Allows KNX devices to be joined into Zipato network.

156.09 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: zbmknxv1

Zipato Zipabox security module

Allows up to 6 wired security zones to be connected to Zipato and RS232/RS485 connection port.
Siren/PGM/6 wire zones

131.89 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: zbmsecurityv1

Zipato Zipabox power module

Provides the whole system with power suply and metering up to 4 electricity circuts
4 inputs

119.79 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: zbmposerv1

Zipato 3G USB Stick

Plug in stick for 3G backup connectivity

47.19 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: zp-3Gstick

RaZberry Z-Wave daughter card for Raspberry PI

The RaZberry extension module turns every Raspberry PI into a Z-Wave Home Automation Gateway.

58.08 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: zme-razbery

Aeotec Z-Stick USB Z-Wave adapter

Z-Stick is a self-powered Z-Wave USB dongle with push button for remote network creation

54.45 € (including 21 % tax)  

Nom.Nr: aeon-usb

Aeotec Range Extender

Wireless technology is not always perfect, that is why Aeotec makes Repeater - a simple plug and play device that works to perfect your home automation system. Repeater receives Z-Wave signals, amplifies them and then rebroadcasts them to your Z-Wave network, boosting its range and quality.

37.87 € (including 21 % tax)  


Z-Wave Smart Home USB Stick

The Z-Wave Smart Home USB Stick turns your My Cloud™ NAS (Network Attached Storage) into a smart home control center.

99.00 € (including 21 % tax)


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HDL KNX/EIB equipment

HDL KNX devices now are available at our e-shop platform. HDL provides application solutions for Smart Home and BMS infrastructure. Products range consists of KNX relays, KNX dimmers, KNX control panels and other KNX equipment.

All HDL KNX devices are fully compatible with KNX association protocol and can be used in many different BMS applications together with other KNX devices. KNX is an international building automation and systems management standard that was developed by KNX Association. You can find alll HDL KNX products here.